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In a civilization where competition is in every aspect of life its truly a survival of the finest. What telemarketing and tri-media advertising cant reach, festivals and trade shows probably can. In the United States alone, 2,500 festivals and trade shows are being organized yearly. Festivals and trade shows are among the most effective ways to showcase and demonstrate an industrys latest product or services. Festivals and trade shows allow companies to be directly in front of their customers and provide an opportunity for them to introduce and explain the advantages/benefits of a product or service. Local governments also take part in festivals and trade shows as a means of economic development.

Not all festivals and trade shows are being opened to members of the general public. Some trade shows classified as Trade Only can only accommodate attendees like company representatives as well as members of the press. Festivals and trade shows that are made open to the public typically focus more on product sampling.

As much as festivals and trade shows can be entertaining and informative, companies pour in a considerable marketing investment that include space rental, promotional literature, display design and construction, telecommunications and networking, travel, and sample items. Companies and/or organizations also have to incur additional costs for services like electrical, cleaning and maintenance of booths, internet services, floral decoration in the booth, and material handling or drayage.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are drawn to festivals and trade shows so that its very important to plan out on this endeavor in full detail. Companies and organization know that attending festivals and trade shows could put them at a cutting edge in the market. Festivals and trade shows has a huge impact on the future of a product or service because it can create a first impression. Its vital to carefully decide what type of display you need to make sure your profits double than how much you put into it.

A Simmons Market Research Bureau Study showed that almost half of respondents, whove been to festivals and trade shows, actually purchased a product on the spot and 91% rated festivals and trade shows as extremely important.

In China for instance, one exhibit alone called the China International Beauty Week 2005, that targeted beauty and health and fitness sectors, as well as top-end consumers, was visited by 150,000 people. Now thats called hands-on advertising!

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