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Resisting to buy the latest lip color from Estee Lauder, Dont. Although youll find more of that in beauty trade shows. Beauty trade shows surely attracts thousands of women and beauty enthusiasts who are going gaga about the latest in the beauty industry. Well, Cleopatra had her share. We all deserve to look beautiful.

Happening early next year is the Long Beach International Salon and Spa Expo on February 3-5 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Beauty trade shows like this will showcase new product launches by influential manufacturers, a dazzling artistry on the complimentary mainstage, a special Vidal Sassoon performance on the mainstage, the latest trends and technique insights, inspiring education that includes intimate hands-on classes; wedding planners and future couples shouldnt miss this as Bridal Theater will focus on trends in wedding hair and makeup. Carlos Valenzuela will host the activity with exclusive appearances by Beth and Carmine Minardis.

Beauty Revolution 2007 will kick off on January 28-29, 2007 at the Los Angeles Convention Center bearing the old adage, if you dont like how things are today, stick around and it will change tomorrow. Beauty Revolution 2007 promises to provide industry professionals what they exactly want out of beauty trade shows and educational forums encompassing all elements of the industry such as the latest hair color, cutting and professional service techniques.

Hair and Beauty International is an organizer of beauty trade shows based in Germany. The organizers of this fair have spearheaded successful trade shows in the past as in the 2005 fair visited by 40,000 people from the trade and 350 exhibitors from Germany and other countries. The show featured 80 hours of shows, workshops and competitions non-stop for 5 stages. Showcased were future megatrends, epoch-making looks, inspiring, pioneering styles, make-up trends, and sensational hair fashion. The next Hair and Beauty International show will be on May 12-13, 2007.

The world is also anticipating the 12th China Beauty Expo (International Beauty and Cosmetics) happening on May 10-12, 2007. This fair is expected to open possibilities of international beauty manufacturers to enter Chinas market and promote their products at all levels. In April 2006, Tom Berger and Associates, LLC of Phoenix, AZ tied up with Business Media China Co., Ltd. as their North American Sales Agents for the U.S. and Canada.

These are basically the things to look out for in beauty trade shows. All over the world, trade shows are exhibiting sensational products that seem to remind us theres nothing to fear about growing old.

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