Lets Drink and Trade Awhile – Coffee Trade Shows

Youre a coffee lover, but your search for the best coffee whether brewed or decaf is not over yet. And after you come down to the coffee shop, it occurred to you that youve tried all their coffee. Is this situation familiar to you,

Well, youll have to thank the organizers of coffee trade shows in the U.S. They are not only helping you find the best coffee youre helping the coffee industry as well. The coffee industry is fast growing industry but producers will have to contend with competitiveness. To date, coffeehouses sales increased by 77 percent since 1998 and the number of coffeehouses is quickly catching up. The number of coffeehouses in the States is now at more than 20,000. This should signal coffee manufacturers to make their presence be recognized in the market. This is where coffee trade shows play its very important role.

Coffee Fest, for instance, is an organizer of coffee trade shows all over the States. The organization is devoted to promote the expansion and increase of specialty coffee, gourmet tea, as well as industries producing alternative beverages.

Coffee Fest is hosting a series of coffee trade shows. Theres the upcoming Coffee Fest Seattle on October 27-29 and early next year theyre having the Coffee Fest Chicago on February 23-25 and the Coffee Fest Atlanta on June 1-3, 2007. The National Association of Coffee of U.S.A. is also another organization that will be holding the 2006 NCA Fall Educational Conference at the Park Central New York Hotel in New York City on October 23-25 and theyre continuously inviting exhibitors to participate in this fair.

Additionally, The Fresh Cup Roadshow just did their finale for this year that commenced in the Clariton Hotel and Conference Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The fair exhibited the latest coffee products as well as coffee tasting events that were free of charge. A half-day hands-on beginner and advanced barista training was also spearheaded by the American Barista and Coffee School and the Seattle Barista Academy.

Last September 26-28, the Tea and Coffee World Cup did an exhibit in Shanghai and maintained its legacy as one of the greatest organizers of international coffee trade shows. The exhibit drew international attention and attendees from industry professionals around the world.

The Tea and Coffee World Cup will stir the coffee aroma throughout the world on June 3-5, 2007 in the highly qualified venue, the Geneva Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland when it does its next trade show.

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