Hunting Trade Show

Recognized as United States premier hunting trade show, the International Sportsmens Exposition (ISE) has been in the business for more than three decades now. ISE focuses on a wide range of products and services importantly utilized for outdoor adventure such as camping, fishing, shooting and traveling. The event is held at the first quarter of each year catering to the markets in the western region.

The International Sportsmens Exposure (ISE) does not just organize a single hunting trade show but even five. Each of what they put up features about 300 to 500 leading accommodations, dealers, manufacturers, retailers and agencies. ISE makes sure that their affairs are interactive which will allow all the participants to freely roam around and look into what is in stored in every booth.

Companies who signed up in the hunting trade show coordinated by the International Sportsmens Exposure (ISE) have already been briefed with the objectives of the association. The exhibitors then make sure that they are also moving into one direction. With that in mind, guests have always been able to witness safari paintings, lifestyle furnishings, rustic sculpture and record displays in all corners of the venue.

For the hunting trade show to be all the more interesting, contests have been arranged by the local non- profit institutions. It goes to say that the International Sportsmens Exposure (ISE) has been receiving tremendous support. Aside from the games, informative dog demonstrations have been managed. Aquatic enthusiasts will also have their own share of fun as a 40- foot long aquarium has been prepared filled with fish that thrive within the regions waters.

As for those that are in the mood for something extreme, the International Sportsmens Exposure (ISE) has built test tracks for rides such as ATV, rock- crawler and SUV. There is also a huge youth al fresco fair where they can have experience wall climbing in the presence of skilled trainers. The program alone has been drawing a lot of the younger demographic. The reason behind is that ISE is aiming to create the next generation of enthusiastic participants.

International Sportsmens Exposure (ISE) will never miss out the individuals who love to take tours and trips. There have been several theaters around the site where there are PowerPoint presentations feature various destinations. Aside from the places, techniques and solutions are also being shown on the screens for all the visitors to watch. Today, ISE is not just well attended by commoners but also with athletes, professionals, media and celebrities, alike.

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