Home Improvement Trade Show

An international fair organization made up of different companies that are skilled in crafting furnitures and mounting fixtures for residential areas, Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) has organized a home improvement trade show since September 1989. To date, the institution has more than 3, 000 members all over the world. All of CEDIAs affiliates are already established in their respective fields with legitimate qualifications. In the home improvement trade show that the institution has put up, CEDIA has included the presence of electronic systems professionals to join the entire course of the event. It was said that the experts they have invited came out as fourth contractors in the area of remodeling and renovating industries. In every affair the institution has arranged, it has always been jampacked with manufacturers, consultants and distributors as well as with representatives in the sales department.

A non- profit association domiciled in Indiana, CEDIA is administered by its officers who are elected every year. Meaning to say, the home improvement trade show they have planned all over time are all credited to entrepreneurs who have been part of the board. They are based in various corners of the globe where they annually converge in order to manage all the registered exhibitors.

At the 2006 home improvement trade show that the institution initiated, the attendance increased to about eight percent as compared in 2005. The figures showed that there were 28, 000 more people. Definitely record breaking CEDIAs 17th year history. Since the institution also offers courses, it was at that instance that it was regarded at its highest level. It was believed that it was ushered by the novel core curriculums.

The institution recently introduced the colleges of Electronic Systems Technician (EST) and Electronic Systems Designer (ESD). There was also improved recognition of the CEDIA Certification in the market place. According to the institutions executive director, Don Gilpin, that the academic opportunities are very much important in raising the level of quality within the fields they are specializing in.

It was at that same affair where there more participants than ever. There were other 600 firms that signed up to have their respective galleries showcasing their products and services to the public. Latest technologies were also introduced and with that, there were a hundred more from 2005. Since it was already for four days, everybody who went appreciated the additional hours as there were more chances to explore the stuff that were available and presented.

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