Hardware Trade Show

Not only is New York City identified as the Big Apple, it is also known as the venue for the first ever National Hardware Trade Show. It was in 1945 when brainchild Abe Rosenburg from General Tools met up with Charlie Snitow, the chief legal council then of the said company. The industry of home improvement had its initial share in the area of buying and selling. Because of the development, there was immediate achievement.

Reed Exhibitions then identified as Cahners Expositions Group purchased the National Hardware Trade Show from Abe Rosenburg and Charlie Snitow in the early part of the 1960s. By the middle of 1970s, corporations who took part in the event raised up complaints about the expensive cost. Another issue that was brought up were the inconveniences that trailed along the presentation in New York City. As a solution to the dilemma, the affair was transferred to the McCormick Lakeside Hall in Chicago on 1975.

Fortunately, the National Hardware Trade Show flourished until 1999. By that year, the exhibit space expanded up to 1.25 million square feet. In 2002, the coordinators were asking for 690, 000 million square feet in order to allocate bigger areas for the corporations that registered. Then again, the firms that signed up were crabby about how pricey it was getting. The matter of low attendance also became a major concern because the number of people will always be critical in determining if it is a success or a failure. The people behind the scenes then again decided that it was high time for them to move.

By the following year, February 2003 to be exact, Reed Exhibitions made a notification that the National Hardware Trade Show will be relocating to Las Vegas in Nevada by May of 2004. The novel site that was found allowed lesser expenses in all aspects especially when it comes to the rental fees. That was also the very period where the firm launched Lawn and Garden where they took much pride in the 200, 000 square feet of leg-room in its premier.

In 2005, the National Hardware Trade Show celebrated their 60th exhibition program. It was there that more than 3, 200 exhibitors from all kinds of industry were present. The figures of the guests even went as high as 30%. By 2006, the event expanded to three halls in the Las Vegas Convention Center where about two million square feet was occupied. As early as now, coordinators are beefing up another of its kind but with an entire novel twist for next year.

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