Gift Trade Show

Representing the manufacturers and distributors in the industry of presents and packages, the Organization of Associated Salespeople in the Southwest Incorporated (OASIS) has been putting up a gift trade show every now and then. It was in 1976 when a band of sales agents had a meeting of minds. They all agreed that there was a need to enhance the sector they belonged in.

The Organization of Associated Salespeople in the Southwest Incorporated (OASIS) did not just envision the move to develop in their region. Instead, the plan was targeting at a national level. Their aim was to make the gift trade show happen in Phoenix, Arizona. It was for the reason that OASIS was wanting the affair to be competitive enough with the others of its kind held in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles.

With only twelve booths in the Organization of Associated Salespeople in the Southwest Incorporateds (OASIS) premier, the groups gift trade show is now gaining the whole of United States recognition. At present, OASIS takes pride of the 250, 000 square feet of space allocated for all the exhibitors that have signed up. With the many companies that registered, the attendance has also been increasing. In the previous event, the number of buyers was about 6, 000 to 8, 000.

Every gift trade show of the Organization of Associated Salespeople in the Southwest Incorporated (OASIS), now receives extensive coverage from media publications such as Accessory Merchandising, Gifts & Decorative Accessories and Giftware News. Credits belong to OASIS industrious staff who have been toiling so much on advertising. With the groups widespread promotions, the press deems that the event is worth the notice.

OASIS has now been in the business for more than three decades. The group is even considered highly established as one of the worlds greatest gift trade show. The affair happens twice a year, in the winter season of January as well as in the summer months of July and August. They were even able to fill up the Phoenix Civic Plaza with an average of 500 exhibitors not including the potential consumers that flocked the site.

By 2007, OASIS will be transferring to the Cardinals Stadium for the event taking place on January 25- 27. OASIS new home can accommodate a bigger audience as the venue can take a seating capacity of 63, 500 and can even be expanded up to 72, 800. For the VIPs, they can be hosted in any of the 88 luxury suites called lofts. The arena is built in tailgating estate known as the Sportmans Park located directly outside.

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