Floral Trade Shows

The floral industry is a fast-growing, vibrant industry which has accomplished major growth pace throughout the years since 1950 from less than three-billion dollar industry to a hundred-billion dollar industry. The industry has grown six percent yearly in recent years and reached the global trade level of US$101.84 billion in 2003.

Floral trade shows have been a part of an excellent marketing strategy for the rapidly growing industry, where the industrys leading, most varied collection of products and services from floral and foliage, bonsai, bamboo, bromeliads, and merchandising ideas and strategies, come together from the best of the worlds premier growers, buyers, and sellers.

The Super Floral Show This floral trade show is a yearly event that delivers one of the biggest, most prevailing floral trade shows where visitors can see the enormous selection of fresh ideas and products, learn merchandising approaches and ways to expand from the complete education program, network with the floral industrys huge, most influential vendors and customers, and create a solid, more money-making connections with sellers and dealers. The diversity of the suppliers in the show is a unique opportunity to come in contact with the big group of committed professionals who have the same focus, concerns, and needs, whilst giving the most excellent products to customers. The trade show is completely for discovering, seeing, learning, and networking the industrys diverse market.

Philadelphia Flower Show This show is one of the most rich and historical floral trade shows, dating back to 1829 when the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society made its first annual exhibition. All through the years the show advanced, expanding the assortment of flowers for visitors to benefit from. Presently, it has become one of the leading floral trade shows in the country with some of the worlds top horticulturists, displaying the best of floral artistry by florists and exhibitors from around the world. It has become a hallmark of Philadelphia and is a most looked-forward yearly event for floral design and landscape ideas.

Floral trade shows offers an astounding tool for the floral industry to keep up on current developments of the fast-paced world of the floral business. With the rapidly altering consumer demands, floral trade shows provide the power of human contact for setting up and sustaining business relations, where floral suppliers and sellers from all across the globe can come together to do business, creating added value for clientele and outstanding developments in the dynamic floral market.

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