Export Trade Show

Engaging in an export trade show abroad can actually lead to tremendous opportunities like building relationships with American based companies. In order to be of aid to corporations in making necessary decisions such as putting up booths and galleries, the Trade Fair Certification Program was established. The said project was brought about by United States Department of Commerce.

The Trade Fair Certification Program is a collaborative agreement between the American authorities and organizers of an export trade show. It was formed in order to increase the countrys involvement in events that will showcase products ideal to be sold in the foreign market. An example of which are chandeliers fashioned out of Capiz shells. These chandeliers are imported from Southeast Asia where raw materials are harvested. The raw materials come from an aquatic mollusk or windowpane oyster endemic only in the shallow coastal seas of Indonesia and the Philippines.

There are privileges that can be gained from the Trade Fair Certification Program. One of which is that it will render the message that a particular export trade show is an excellent ground for corporations in the United States to feature their merchandise to other nations around the globe. Another is that the program will provide credit that business agents are reliable enough to manage pavilions at a fair. It will also mean that there is support from the government for export trade shows, which is an essential factor.

An export trade show that involves Trade Fair Certification Program will heighten confidence and boost the number of participants. The success of the trade show is reflected in the number of attendees. The people attending the show are the potential consumers of the exhibitors.

Another advantage of having a Trade Fair Certification Program is that it will free up expenses that will be incurred from recruiting and researching. By having the authorization, business revenues can also be raised through the manner of advertising. There will even be support from the Washington Headquarters where they designate an officer that will be the person to coordinate with the Department of Commerce.

With the assistance given by the Washington Headquarters, a promotional communication will be approved by the Director General encouraging association. The letter issued can even be shown in endorsement materials. It will follow that the affair will be listed in the National Trade Data Bank, World Wide Web and Export Promotion Calendar.

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