“Doing Business in Connecticut” – Connecticut trade shows

Connecticut trade shows are one of a kind featuring various industries coming up with three common goals: success, innovations, and beautiful homes.

A great way to start off the year is with the CONEX Connecticut, which will be held on February 7-8, 2007 at the Connecticut Expo Center, in Hartford. This is the best opportunity for companies or businesses that want to debut a new product as well as demonstrate service capabilities, as they will have the chance to interact with consumers. Consumers on the other hand will be given the chance for their queries to be answered. Attendees will be witness to selling and hands-on and demonstrations.

The start of the year is always a great way to invest because buyers at this time would probably want to change or look for possible suppliers. Exhibitors of CONEX will be allowed to connect to over 6,000 qualified buyers that represent the construction, landscape, and municipal industries.

General and sub-contractors, escavators, public works and municipal officials, landscapers, construction trades, road builders, commercial landscapers, commercial mowers, fleet managers, and demolition contractors are expected to join in this event. Organized by Cygnus Business Media, Connecticut trade shows like CONEX is such a promising endeavor.

The focus of Connecticut trade shows this November is on home furnishings and beautifications. Starting Nov. 3-5, 2006, the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford will house the Home Dcor and Fine Furnishings Show. If you’re planning to awe your guest for the Thanksgiving or the Holiday season with you home furnishings, this exhibit can help get things in order. The event also features a section with fashionable home interior design and historical restorations products and services.

In addition to the Connecticut trade shows, Nov. 17 19, 2006 is the date for the 26th Annual Connecticut Fall Home Show that will be held at the Connecticut Expo Center. Show organizer, Osborne/Jenks Productions, Inc., invited exhibitors from the construction and real estate, chemicals, home supplies, home appliances, industrial supplies, minerals, metals and materials. This is one of the Connecticut trade shows for those people who want to do virtually anything with their home by remodeling or renovation applications. Attendees will be able to talk to experts regarding suggestions and advices as well as go hands-on in the Home Depot Do-It-Yourself workshops that will be going on all weekend.

Joining in this exhibit are nearly 250 companies, of which, for three days will present every kind of product, furnishings, or service imaginable for the home.

These Connecticut trade shows are happening all at the right time. With the holiday season coming near, it’s a great way to celebrate Christmas and greet the new year with a different “look” at home.

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