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Let out that Chinese tongue. China is world renowned for its trading capabilities be it their government or individual Chinese citizens. Trading means a lot to any ordinary Chinese they make anything worth selling. And what better way to sell and buy than in trade shows. China trade shows are in hundreds annually. Just name an industry and there are China trade shows for that.

Are you into shoes, Well, the Guangzhou Shoe Fair is Chinas newest independent footwear industry. This fair is Chinas premier and has an international attendance showcasing all types of shoes in the latest styles, leather goods and accessories. This fair was opened to the public from October 14-19, 2006 and was organized by Donnor Exhibition Company Limited.

In the forefront of China trade shows is the Chinese Export Commodities Fair also known as the Canton Fair. It held its 100th session on Oct. 15-20 and 25-30. This session is held in Guangzhou, Southern China with an estimated number of attendees at 190,000. The fairs turnover was projected to be US$32 billion. More than 7,000 exhibitors will gather together in each phase of the show where visitors from other continents can sit down to discuss and negotiate business possibilities of expansion with the help of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

China trade shows have been proven to promote they countrys various industries. The International Computer Communication and Consumer Electronic Products Exposition held its sixth expo on Oct. 17-20, 2006 featuring product display, business negotiation, academic seminar, investment negotiation and technological cooperation. For this year, a buyers zone was set up that showcased samples and related information of products the market demanded. But more than that, the fair actually presented Chinas capability in terms of computer and electronics products.

Another one of the most successful China trade shows is the largest fair for the textile industry the China International Textile Machinery Exhibition that pulls off on Oct. 17-21, 2006. The fair had its maiden exhibition in 1988 and is now fast becoming the most influential and established professional textile machinery exhibition in China. The fair already earned the respect of the global industry as a vital way in understanding and on how to enter Chinas textile market. In CITME, 1,100 exhibitors from 25 counties and regions are expected to assemble together utilizing all 62,000-exhibition space of the China International Exhibition Center. Polls showed that 90% of the 35,585 registered international trade visitors were satisfied with the fair.

Now if thats not reason enough to do business with China, who knows what is, Hit it in China trade shows!

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