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Home Improvement Trade Show

An international fair organization made up of different companies that are skilled in crafting furnitures and mounting fixtures for residential areas, Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) has organized a home improvement trade show since September 1989. To date, the institution has more than 3, 000 members all over the world. All of CEDIAs affiliates are already established in their respective fields with legitimate qualifications. In the home improvement trade show that the institution... read more

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Home and Garden Trade Show

If you are a homeowner interested in getting information on how to remodel your home and enhance your garden or lawn, it is best to visit your local areas home and garden trade shows. These shows and exhibits will present you with very helpful insights and ideas on home decoration and remodeling, rearrangement of your home interiors, creating, crafting or landscaping of your garden, caring for the lawn or your backyard, and a lot more.... read more

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Hardware Trade Show

Not only is New York City identified as the Big Apple, it is also known as the venue for the first ever National Hardware Trade Show. It was in 1945 when brainchild Abe Rosenburg from General Tools met up with Charlie Snitow, the chief legal council then of the said company. The industry of home improvement had its initial share in the area of buying and selling. Because of the development, there was immediate achievement.... read more

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Gift Trade Show

Representing the manufacturers and distributors in the industry of presents and packages, the Organization of Associated Salespeople in the Southwest Incorporated (OASIS) has been putting up a gift trade show every now and then. It was in 1976 when a band of sales agents had a meeting of minds. They all agreed that there was a need to enhance the sector they belonged in. The Organization of Associated Salespeople in the Southwest Incorporated (OASIS) did... read more

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International Contemporary Furniture Fair – furniture trade shows

If you know where to look, youll get what you want (and the finest of them). Exhibiting the latest cutting-edge designs of furniture, furniture trade shows definitely draw thousands of observers and consumers alike. All the major countries always see to it that they hold annual furniture trade shows to display not only their latest designs but their culture as well. Should you be traveling elsewhere in the world in the last quarter of this... read more