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Multi-Function Silicon Edge Sewing Machine Simple

Model: MT-K01-2PL

Multi-function Silicon Edge Sewing Machine series is a special machine for finishing all banners and signs or sew digital textiles with silicon edge graphics, Velcro, and hem. It reduces production time and increase output.
Our machine is reasonable structure and user friendly. Operators achieve consistent and high-quality flat seams alignment without ruffling. Durable electrical and mechanical designs are safe and reliable. Let us bring your textile finishing to next level.


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Technical Specifications

Simple )
With Conveyor )
2 Table Size 120x50CM 55x50CM / 150x88CM
3 Motor Speed 150-4000rpm 150-4000rpm
4 Power 550W 1250W
5 Voltage 220V / 110V 220V / 110V
6 Weight 96KG 125KG
7 Packing 130x65x110CM 150x145x80CM


Simple version.
Wooden working table with spray paint finishing
3mm iron frame and 40x40mm aluminum frame as options.
Easy assembly.
Compact machine size suitable for limited working space.
Adjustable sewing speed for various needs.
Adjustable silicon tape channel to fit for 10mm to 25mm.

Metal roller and plastic roller as options.

1. the Simple Operation
the Plug and Play, Labor Saving cost.
No Special Training at The IS required for Operators.
2. Automatic Feeding
Fixed Channel for Silicon Tape to the make the Sure Straight Alignment.
Feed Silicon Tape and Fabrics at The Same, AT Time.
3. Automatic the Output
Finishing Comes Automatically OUT, IS NO Assist Manual required.
4. The Same, Steps ON Line
Feeding, Knitting and Output are ON the proceed that Makes Finishing The Same Straight Line and Flat.
5. The Double Stitches
Strong, Durable and Nice Appearance.
No overlock Required.
6. No Conventional Bobbin
Thread roll only, no convention bobbin required
Efficient workflow by continue knitting without utility bobbin time by time.
7. Special
Auto Servo motor provided max. Up to 6000rpm, rather than stepper motor limited to 1500rpm.
Speedy knitting with stable performance.
8. Special Structure
Silicone acts as lubricant that prevent Broken from Thread.
the Small Plastic Box Placed in Front of Machine Oil Refill head and WHERE Access Easily.
Special Mechanical Structure Minimizes Broken Needle and Thread Operation During Long lasting.
9. The Clean the LED Light Source and the Provides the even.
10. The Suitable for the Multi-function Various applications for silicon tape, Velcro, hem and pockets.
11. Press Roller makes silicon tape near curing.

Silicone Edge Graphics   Silicon Edge Graphics

Silicone Edge Graphics

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)

   Silicone Edge Sewing Machine

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)


Silicon Edge Sewing

  Silicon Edge Graphics   

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG)