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Trade Show Exhibits or Displays are of many types. They could be pop up display stand, pop up banner stand or windows. No matter how many types or from what material they are made, they serve one purpose unanimously:

They let the world know about you

In this age, there are millions of businesses which are either service based or product based. In order for these businesses to get to the potential customer, they need to advertise themselves.

If we look at the history of advertisements, we see that since ancient civilizations products are introduced to the people through several techniques. These techniques involve everything from verbal to visual adverts. Owing to the benefits that advertising has for a business, it was a major force in the 19th century.

As there weren’t any major technological developments made in that era, the main mediums for exhibitions were newspaper and magazines.

However, since this is the 21st century, and we have technological advancements, we can easily have our businesses exposed to the world through pop up exhibition booth design.

The ease which they allow in displaying your services and motives to the world is not the only one reason you should employ them. In order to know more of the reasons and benefits of trade show exhibits, please read on.

1) They are portable

Portability is one of the several important things that is needed by the companies for their adverts. Think about this, what would be the point of establishing something which can effectively showcase your services, but takes days in arriving and heavy vehicles in transportation?

When it comes to the pop-up displays, they can be easily transported even in a car. Some of them even have trolley bags.

2) They can be set up easily

Since the displays or exhibits only consist of two parts: the frame and the Velcro display, it is very easy to set them up on the location of the event.

Be it a wedding party, special promotion, or fairs, these displays can be erected in mere minutes. Thus, this saves you from the crunch of taking huge contraptions; nuts and bolts with yourself. For example, pop up display banner stand can be used to easily set up the display.

3) These pop up booths are ideal for indoor & outdoor advertisement

Whether you have a trade show in a compound or have set up a fair in some garden, the advertisements through these pop-up displays can be achieved easily and aptly.

They are ideal for both these and weather conditions. People would still be able to know about you even if it’s pouring.

4) They are effective and customizable

With having life-like photos, sharp text, and ideal graphics, trade show exhibits can be very effective on the eyes and the minds of the viewers. These elements are even customizable to your liking.

Considering all the aforementioned benefits, if you have decided to go for the pop up displays, then there is no place better than The MTEK Graphics to get them. They offer two of the best displays in 7.5ft/10ft height that are the talk of the town:

  1. a) Straight Velcro Pop Up Display-Spring Connections
  2. b) Curved Pop Up Display-Magnetic Connections

The reason why the MTEK Graphics is recommended is that they are direct manufacturers and provide short time lead. Thus, if you don’t want to wait for ages for your products to arrive and take effect, considering hiring them now.