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Simply follow the tips below to make sure that your customers not only remember your booth, but that they remember it in a positive and enthusiastic way.

Tip #1: Color

One of the first things that your customers see when they are enter the trade show is the color. It’s important to have an inviting or bold graphic display with colors that will attract and intrigue your customers. Use bright, happy colors as they signify energy and class.

Tip #2: Pre-show Promotions

Not many exhibitors take advantage of pre-show promotions. This is an excellent marketing tool as it allows you to sort through the visitors that you will receive. You’ll know which are the best prospects and you can make sure that they are aware of your presence in the trade show. You have numerous media options such as e-mails, invitations, free mail offers (take for example a free product received when you show the mail offer at the booth).

Tip #3: Seeing Is Believing

Put on a free show or a product demonstration. People love a good show! And if they can see how your product works, and what it can do, then they will get much more excited about it.. It’s a great way to recover part of your trade show booth expenses and make a profit.

Tip #4: Lights and Music

Lights and music can be the perfect combination for you to improve your trade show booth. People are automatically attracted to lights, and music will get their attention, which will give you more time to sell your product. Just make sure not to make the music too loud. You don’t want to annoy your customers, and you want to be able to converse with them easily, without shouting over loud music.

Tip #5: Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Giveaway gifts and trade show items are offered to the customers and designed to promote your business and products. In choosing the right giveaway gift, make sure that your customer will want to keep and use the item, which is the key to it’s effectiveness.

Here are some ideas: notepads with your signage, bags, pens, water bottles and totes with your name and logo.


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